The Technion Autonomous Systems Program

TASP Lecture Series joint seminar with CST. This is the first seminar of three.

The second, ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems: The Autonomy Challenge and Integration into the National Airspace’ begins 1400 on 23 May and the third and last, ‘On Collaborative Ground and Aerial Unmanned Multi-Robot Teams’ begins 1400 on 24 May.

2017-05-22 / 2017-05-24
Haifa , Israel
Organised by Israel Association of Automatic Control Headed by Dr Ing Prof Kimon P Valavanis

Theoretical and Numerical Procedures for solving Differential Games

Formulation of a game; Numerical procedures for differential games; Numerical study of intercept problems.

NOTE: Advanced registration is required by 2017-05-17 by e-mail to:

2017-05-21 / 2017-05-21
Technion City, Haifa , Israel
Organised by Dr Sergey Krumkov of the Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Annual Conference of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations

2017-05-15 / 2017-05-19
Toronto , Canada
Organised by IFATCA

European Navigation Conference

The Galileo constellation progresses steadily, and so does our need for positions anywhere, at anytime, and for almost any purpose. Navigation once was an insiders’ business, and it has now become mainstream: by now everyone is using some kind of navigating aid. In this evolution, some of the mystique may have been lost, but developing navigation tools and processes appreciated by more people entails plenty of challenges. Our community is ready to tackle them and we are happy to contribute by organising another milestone event.

With a combination of landscapes, technology and lifestyle, the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale offers a great venue. The Swiss Institute of Navigation is looking forward to welcoming you all.

Note: The deadline for submitting a paper to ENC 2017 has been extended to 30 January 2017 (hard deadline).

2017-05-09 / 2017-05-12
Lausanne , Switzerland
Organised by Swiss Institute of Navigation (ION-CH)

Graduate students in control

We are pleased to announce GSC’17 – the annual meeting of graduate students in the field of Control and Systems Theory (in a broad sense).
Continuing the tradition of previous years, this meeting is intended as a casual platform for exchanging ideas among students and senior faculty from various institutions in Israel. It aims at offering graduate students a stage for sharing insight and excitement about their research in front of a professional audience. The meeting also gives students a unique opportunity to learn about the work of their peers, get acquainted with the Israeli faculty in their field, and meet potential industrial employers. Additionally, GSC events serve a meeting place between academia and industry.

2017-05-08 / 2017-05-08
Haifa , Israel
Organised by IAAC

11th RIN/Baška GNSS Conference

The traditional and unique RIN/Baška GNSS Conference aims to gather worldwide experts in satellite navigation and related disciplines, and focuses on GNSS resilience and GNSS applications development. The unique environment of Baška, its natural resources, and rich history and culture, combined with friendly hospitality, will again create an inspiring atmosphere for ideas and knowledge exchange, well known to those who attended the previous conferences in the series.

2017-05-07 / 2017-05-09
Baška, Krk Island , Croatia
Organised by RIN / Beihang University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China

30th IAPH Ports Conference

Along with the history of IAPH, Indonesia has played an active role as member country of the organization. It is the aim of the organisers that through this important event delegates will be able to share experiences in implementing the country’s development and management in port and maritime business. It is expected that the 30th IAPH World Ports Conference will be attend by some 1000 delegates including government officials, operators and association who are experts in the field of port, logistics, and maritime business, to share experiences and discuss issues faced by port officials globally such as green port and port technology as well as development of ports in each country.

2017-05-07 / 2017-05-12
Bali , Indonesia
Organised by Int. Association of Ports & Harbors (IAPH)

Pacific PNT Conference

A global cooperative development of Positioning, Navigation and Timing technology and policy.

2017-05-01 / 2017-05-04
Honolulu , Hawaii, USA
Organised by ION

International Navigation Forum/Navitech 2017

Navitech is the only specialized exhibition for satellite navigation in Russia. Being the main trade show for navigation industry professionals, it brings together leading Russian and foreign developers and manufacturers of navigation equipment and technologies, services and software including mapping applications, shows relevant global trends, and determines development of the national market of satellite navigation.

2017-04-24 / 2017-04-28
Moscow , Russia
Organised by Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

International Robotics Week

TUS Expo is the first fully integrated European Unmanned Systems industry trade show and conference, attracting a wide range of industry stakeholders. Secure your space at this world-class event for access to potential clients and business partners from Europe and abroad.

2017-04-19 / 2017-04-21
The Hague , The Netherlands
Organised by TUSE/RoboBusiness Europe

Ocean Business 2017

The conference will focus on two technology themes that are currently enjoying strong investment in both civil and military applications, with large numbers of SMEs in the value chain, but where dual-use priorities are not systematically identified. The themes are:

– Maritime information services, including satellite applications, maritime Internet of Things, cyber security and dual-use data analytics and web services;

– Sensor platforms and autonomy, including marine autonomous systems, energy storage for endurance, sensors and smart sensor networks.

2017-04-04 / 2017-04-06
Southampton , United Kingdom

Think Climate Coalition conference

Climate change is an important and growing focus of attention. The Paris Agreement on climate change, which came into force on 4 November 2016, is an ambitious international agreement that aims to combat climate change and adapt to its effects. Coming years are likely to see massive efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move to low carbon solutions across all sectors: navigation infrastructure is no exception. Notwithstanding the Paris Agreement, however, it is also widely agreed that continuing change in certain climate parameters is now unavoidable. Resilience will need to be strengthened and waterborne transport infrastructure will need to adapt.

Flyer here

2017-03-27 / 2017-03-28
Brussels , Belgium
Organised by PIANC

Workshop: Simple adaptive control and new results in stability analysis

Before appropriate mathematical tools of analysis had been developed, SAC was considered to be just a modest version of the standard model reference adaptive control (MRAC). Further developments showed that SAC techniques can readily be applied to such applications as robots, airplanes, missiles, satellites, fine motion control, etc. Various drawbacks related to classical MRAC have been addressed and eliminated and conditions needed for robust stability have been significantly mitigated. Recent developments in nonlinear systems stability analysis tools lead to clear proofs of SAC stability in realistic

2017-03-27 / 2017-03-27
Herzelia , Israel
Organised by Itzhak Barkana, Haim Weiss and Ilan Rusnak (IAAC)

Shipping 2030 Europe

Shipping2030 is a different kind of event, designed to provide the strategic platform the industry needs to come together and have a genuine discussion on its digital strategy.

2017-03-22 / 2017-03-23
Copenhagen , Denmark

Africa Ports Expansion Conference

The African Ports Expansion Conference will congregate major stakeholders in the maritime industry including government authorities, port authorities, contractors, technology providers, suppliers of port equipment, consultants and more as they discuss their biggest challenges and debate best-practice methodologies from 20-21 March 2017 in Mombasa, Kenya.

2017-03-20 / 2017-03-21
Mombasa , Kenya


Over the past several years, AtoN technology has progressed significantly. The workshop will provide opportunities to review the innovative work that has been undertaken by IALA members within areas such as light source technology and applications, sustainable AtoN provision, energy generation and storage technology and management, as well as the design and management of AtoN Systems.

All information, programme and registration information in the flyer.

2017-03-20 / 2017-03-24
Koblenz , Germany
Organised by IALA & WSV

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit

– Implementation of the European Global Satellite Navigation System Galileo

– Modernization of the US Global Positioning System (GPS III)

– Status and modernization of the Russian Global Satellite Navigation System GLONASS

– Developments of new global and regional systems like the Chinese Beidou (BDS), the Japanese QZSS and the Indian IRNSS

– Vulnerability of GNSS, why it can fail after all

– From Iridium to e-Loran – GNSS in need for Backup?

– Galileo after the Brexit

– Civil use of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS)

– Legal aspects on selected topics in the field of GNSS

– Network-based solutions for GNSS Backup

– Innovation in SMEs

– Security issues of applications for Augmented Reality

– GNSS based Gaming

– High precision GNSS on the smartphone

– Platforms for new applications: Google Android N, Swift/Piksi

2017-03-14 / 2017-03-16
80333 München , Germany

European Shipping Week 2017

European Shipping Week is intended to be a platform where policy-makers from the main EU institutions will meet and engage with European shipowners and other stakeholders from the shipping sector. The focus is on shipping, in all its different aspects.

The week-long series of high level events will centre on a major conference discussing the key issues currently facing European and global shipping as well as a gala dinner, both taking place on 1 March 2017.

This week will bring together the major players in the shipping industry with the primary aim of promoting the strengths and the importance of European and global shipping to legislators in Brussels, such as the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of Ministers and is regarded as a unique opportunity to meet the heads of leading shipping companies in Europe.

2017-02-27 / 2017-03-03
Brussels , Belgium

Workshop on Common Phraseology and Procedures for VTS Communications

Purpose of the workshop is to provide the VTS Committee with proposals, concepts and examples of best practice that can be used in the development of guidance on VTS communications.

The workshop would facilitate the exchange of best practices, ideas and knowledge amongst a wide range of VTS professionals and those from other sectors and contribute to influencing the formulation and development of IALA documentation on VTS communications.

See the Flyer.

2017-02-20 / 2017-02-24
Denpasar , Bali, Indonesia
Organised by IALA in association with the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia

17th annual International LiDAR Mapping Forum

The international conference offers an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in LiDAR technology and hear about industry changes and developments first-hand from industry experts.

2017-02-13 / 2017-02-15
Denver, Colorado , USA

Connect eDriver

ConnecteDriver conference and networking event with an additional track dedicated to Car-as-a-Service and smart mobility.

2017-02-01 / 2017-02-02
Brussels , Belgium

e-Navigation underway 2017

2017-01-31 / 2017-02-02


ITM is the ION’s winter meeting with peer-reviewed technical papers related to positioning, navigation and timing and includes the ION Fellows and Annual Awards presentations.

PTTI is the annual technical conference designed to disseminate and coordinate PTTI information at the user level; review present and future PTTI requirements; inform government and industry engineers, technicians and managers of precise time and frequency technology and its problems; and provide an opportunity for an active exchange of new technology.

2017-01-30 / 2017-02-02
Monterey , California, U.S.A.
Organised by US ION

Geospatial World Forum 2017

2017-01-22 / 2017-01-25
Hyderabad , India

Hamburg pilots’ New Year Choral Concert

According to Captain Dieter Wulf, the Hamburg pilots’ choir will perform a New Year concert in St Gertrud’s Church, Altenwerder, Hamburg, on Sunday 8 January 2017 at 1700. Tickets cost €12,00.

2017-01-08 / 2017-01-08
Altenweder, Hamburg , Germany
Organised by Hamburg Pilots Choir

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