Article 5 – General Assembly

General Assemblies of members are held at intervals not exceeding three years. They are normally held concurrently with IAIN Congresses. A General Assembly will be convened by order of the Officers’ Committee. Special General Assemblies may be convened in between two consecutive normal Assemblies.

A General Assembly consists of:

  • the Officers of the Association,
  • two delegates appointed by each Member of the Association,
  • one delegate appointed by each Associate Member,
  • one delegate appointed by each Corporate Member, and
  • Honorary Members wishing to attend.

In matters concerned with the Constitution, only Members will be entitled to one vote. In any other matter to be decided by vote, each delegate shall be entitled to one vote. In the event of a tied vote, the President of the Association has a casting vote.

The General Assembly, among other things:

  • decides the overall policy of IAIN,
  • elects the members of the Officers’ Committee to hold office until the next meeting of the Assembly (see Article 6),
  • approves the programme of work and achievements presented by the Committee of Officers,
  • determines the amount of annual fees to be paid by the membership each year until the next General Assembly,
  • approves the triennial budget and financial statement,
  • adopts By-Laws and
  • appoints the Auditor.