Article 2 – Membership

IAIN comprises:

  • Members,
  • Associate Members,
  • Corporate Members,
  • Corresponding Members and
  • Honorary Members.

Members are the Institutes of Navigation. These are non-profit-making bodies with national or multi-national membership whose objectives are the advancement of the science and practice of navigation at sea, on land, in the air or in space. Any such Institute properly constituted and recognised at national or multinational level shall be eligible for Membership.

Associate Membership may be applied for by any other non-profit-making organisation recognised at international, multinational or national level dealing with matters of interest to the Association.

Corporate Members are organisations or groups constituted and recognised at national or multinational levels, being Corporate Members of a Member Institute, aiming at promoting IAIN activities, such as:

  • Manufacturers or distributors of equipment contributing to the development of navigation and associated information techniques.
  • Companies or organisations providing navigation services or technical advice under contracts.

Corresponding Membership may be granted as an alternative to Associate Membership. Corresponding Members undertake to exchange documentation and information with IAIN on a regular basis but do not have the responsibilities, nor expect the benefits, of Associate Membership.

Honorary Membership may be conferred for life upon any individual who is considered [by the Officers’ Committee] to have performed extraordinary service or made a significant contribution to the work of IAIN.

Application for membership constitutes an agreement to pay the appropriate annual fees as laid down from time to time.

Membership may be terminated:

  • by resignation of the member,
  • by decision of the Officers’ Committee for non-payment of fees for two years,
  • by decision of the General Assembly for any justifiable cause in the best interest of IAIN.