Article 6 – Officers’ Committee

IAIN is administered by an Officers’ Committee comprising up to nine members elected by the General Assembly as follows:

  • the President,
  • one Senior Vice-President,
  • two Vice-Presidents,
  • the Treasurer,
  • the Secretary General and
  • the Immediate Past-President.

These seven Officers will be elected from among Members and will normally be Council members of the Member Institutes.

  • one member will be elected from the Associate Membership,
  • one member will be elected from the Corporate Membership.

These two members coming from the Associate and Corporate Membership will be chosen by the General Assembly from those playing a prominent role in the Association’s work.

Elected Officers should, as far as practicable, be drawn from different parts of the world with a view to achieving as widespread a representation as possible on the Officers’ Committee.

The President and Vice Presidents shall not hold their office for more than the period between two consecutive normal General Assemblies. In normal course, it is expected that an individual elected to the Presidency will serve the term preceding their Presidency as the Senior Vice-President, and the following term as the Immediate Past President, thereby providing an element of continuity to the Associationâ??s activities.

The Treasurer, Secretary General and Officers representing Associate and Corporate Members shall not hold office for more than six years.