The Awards Committee shall seek nominations for the Harrison and Necho Awards and for Honorary Membership. The Committee will also administer the Sadek Award at the IAIN Congress.

Nominations for the Harrison and Necho Awards and for Honorary Membership may be made at any time and should be sent to the IAIN General Secretary who will advise the Chairman of the Awards Committee. It is expected that nominations will usually be made by the Member Institutes but the Awards Committee may also accept nominations by individuals and other organisations for consideration.

All nominations received more than 12 months before the date of the next General Assembly will be considered.

The Awards Committee shall conduct a final review six months before the General Assembly to finalise the nominations and submit them, out-of-committee, to the Member Institutes for endorsement. Member Institutes are to respond within one month.

The names of the recipients will be announced and the awards made during the Congress or General Assembly.

An award may be for a particular contribution or for a series of contributions made over a number of years.

If the work, for which a nomination has been made, has been described in a technical journal a copy of the paper should be enclosed with the nomination.

Any nomination that is not successful may be reconsidered in future years.