Article 7 – Duties of the Officers’ Committee

The Officers’ Committee will meet regularly and at least once a year.

Such meetings will be convened by the President or any one of the Vice-Presidents, or the Secretary General, or at the request of two Officers.

The Officers’ Committee, among other things:

  • implements the overall policy as defined by its aim (see Article 1) or resolution of the General Assembly,
  • approves the annual budget and the accounts submitted by the Treasurer,
  • prepares proposals to be submitted to the General Assembly as regards the rates of subscription,
  • accepts new members complying with the provision of Article 2, subject to ratification by the General Assembly,
  • gives guidance as appropriate to the Secretary General,
  • seeks candidates for office and prepares proposals for the nomination of IAIN Officers to the General Assembly,
  • prepares proposals to be submitted to the General Assembly as appropriate,
  • organises, in cooperation with the host Institute, the Congress and other functions (Seminars, Workshops, etc.),
  • convenes General Assemblies,
  • may authorise the purchase, sale, renting or letting of property and the granting and obtaining of loans (whether or not secured by a mortgage) required by the running of the Association,
  • may authorise any transaction and/or discharge of mortgage.

The Officers’ Committee is chaired by the President of the Association or, in the case of the absence of the President, by the Senior Vice-President. An Officers’ Committee decision can be made by a simple majority of those present at a meeting, subject to a minimum of four votes recorded in its favour. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman of the Officers’ Committee has a casting vote. The President can decide to carry out a postal vote from among the Officers.