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(US) Institute of Navigation requests GNSS software defined radio (SDR) metadata standard

It was announced from the US Institute of Navigation‘s HQ in Manassas, Virginia, on 15 September that its GNSS Software Defined Radio Metadata Standard working group is seeking public comment on the standard up until 31 December, 2017.

There has been a proliferation of software defined radio (SDR) data collection systems and processing platforms designed for GNSS receiver applications or those that support GNSS bands. Post-processing has been a cumbersome and error-prone process because of the datasets of various formats, the subtleties of which are often lost in translation.

This GNSS SDR Metadata Standard defines parameters and schema (configuration) to express the contents of SDR sample data files and is designed to promote the interoperability of GNSS SDR data collection systems and processors. The metadata files are human readable and in XML format.

Comments are being accepted through to 32 December 2017 and may be made here.