UK Space Agency leads work on options for an independent satellite system

London pictured from the International Space Station – photo: ESA/Tim Peake ©

According to a recent statement the UK Space Agency will lead work to develop options for a British Global Navigation Satellite System. This was confirmed by the Government on 2 May as it develops options for a British Global Navigation Satellite System.

It is reported that the UK is already a world-leader in developing atellite technology, building 40% of the world’s small satellites and one in four commercial telecommunications satellites. Down the years UK companies have made a critical contribution to the EU Galileo programme, building the payloads for the satellites and developing security systems. The taskforce will draw on this experience and expertise as it develops plans for an innovative system that could deliver on the UK’s security needs and provide commercial services.

The recent Blackett review estimated that a failure of navigation satellite service could cost the UK economy £1 billion a day. Resilient and secure positioning, navigation and timing information is increasingly essential for defence, critical national infrastructure and emergency response.