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UK assistance following Hurricane Dorian

The shocking record of devastation found on Great Abaco, Bahamas
Image of Mounts Bay’s Wildcat on the deck
Mounts Bay carries a team of specialist personnel with transport, including all-terrain vehicles, dump trucks, diggers and stores.
Illustrations reproduced by kind permission of the UK MoD – MoD Crown Copyright 2019©

Our aerial image shows the island of Great Abaco which was one of the first to be hit by Hurricane Dorian after she turned in to a category 5 hurricane earlier in week commencing 1 September.

RFA Mounts Bay is embarked with a Wildcat helicopter that has been conducting reconnaissance flights over the islands to assess the damage and provide important intelligence to the Bahamian Government and the team of Department for International Development (DFID) experts who have deployed to the region.

Mounts Bay is equipped with a dedicated Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) team made up of personnel from the Royal Engineers and Royal Logistic Corps and is carrying vital aid and specialist equipment, such as all-terrain quads, dump trucks, diggers and stores. The ship is also able to provide essential medical care. It is understood that the ship has the capability to transport up to 3600 evacuees (in ideal conditions) to nearby islands.