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Trinity House to decommission Royal Sovereign Lighthouse

Royal Sovereign lighthouse

Trinity House London has begun preparatory work on a project to decommission Royal Sovereign Lighthouse in the English Channel. It is the intention that the now-deteriorating lighthouse will be completely removed clear to the seabed. This has necessitated that Beachy Head Lighthouse be upgraded to ensure the safety of the mariners in those waters. Trinity House aims to commence work in 2020.

Royal Sovereign Lighthouse was built in 1971 with a design life of 50 years. Having monitored the fabric of the lighthouse over the last decade and observing the expected signs of deterioration, Trinity House concluded that the ongoing safety of the mariner requires that the structure be fully decommissioned.

Royal Sovereign Lighthouse has provided nearly 50 years of reliable service as an aid to navigation, one of over 600 that Trinity House operates for the benefit and safety of the mariner.