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Trinity House celebrates World Marine Aids to Navigation Day 2019

Inspector of Seamarks Captain Graeme Proctor and Local Aids to Navigation Manager Joseph Anderson on a recent inspection tour in Devon and Cornwall

On 1 July 2019 Trinity House joined lighthouse and marine aids to navigation authorities around the world to mark the first ever World Marine Aids to Navigation Day, established to celebrate and promote the role of marine aids to navigation (AtoNs) and highlight the importance of safety at sea.

As a focal point for highlighting the importance of aids to navigation as a service for all mariners, Trinity House has chosen to emphasise its statutory duty as an auditor and inspector of local aids to navigation, rather than its more well-known duty as a provider of general aids to navigation such as lighthouses, lightvessels and buoys.

Local aids to navigation are owned and operated by Local Lighthouse Authorities rather than Trinity House, but the powers and duties granted to Trinity House require it to audit and inspect over 11,000 local AtoNs.