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The Navigator launches S-Mode survey

The latest issue of The Navigator, number 14, published in the first week of February by The Nautical Institute, aims to raise awareness of the future of navigation technology. The Institute is working to introduce a standard setting (S-Mode) for all navigational systems and is inviting seafarers to contribute to a short online survey. S-Mode would help navigators operate and understand navigation functions in all vessels.

The S-Mode survey can be found at here and the results will be included in a report that will be presented to the IMO.

Emma Ward, Editor of The Navigator, said: ‘Imagine going to the bridge of a ship as a new arrival and finding that you are unfamiliar with the ECDIS or
radar systems. This could seriously affect competence and safety. That is why The Nautical Institute is joining with other organisations to urge the IMO to establish a single set of S-Mode guidelines, and why the topic of S-Mode is thoroughly explored in this issue of The Navigator.’