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Terma demonstrates obstruction light control
for FAA

The radar monitors the airspace around the wind turbines and ensures that the obstruction lights are activated only when an aircraft is within a defined distance from the turbines

It has been announced from Arlington, Virginia, that Terma North America (Terma) will supply a radar system in co-ordination with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to test Obstruction Lighting Control (OLC) technology at a large wind farm in Tehachapi, California.

Said Matt Erpelding, Director of Business Development for Terma’s Command,
Control, and Sensors business unit: “Normally, the obstruction lights are
enabled around the clock for safety. Terma’s solution will allow the aviation obstruction lights to remain off for aesthetic reasons, and then ensure the lights are switched on only when an airplane is in the vicinity, thus preserving aviation safety as well.”