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Terma and BAE Systems collaborate on helmet audio advances

Airborne or acoustically transmitted noise is always present in aircraft, but measures can be taken to reduce it. Announced in early April from Lystrup, Denmark, Terma’s Active Noise Reduction is highly adaptable and supports even the noisiest aircraft platforms, it is understood. This technology can reduce pilot fatigue, hearing loss and improve speech intelligibility.

3D-Audio helps pilots deal with threat warnings within a complete 360 degree sphere of the aircraft. It alerts them from the exact direction of the danger and also when a threat changes path, which is particularly important in the case of missile attack. Pilots with access to 3D-Audio can initiate instant evasive manoeuvres – without the need to process any information mentally.

Over the next three years the firms will initially work on a 3D-Audio/ANR headset for demonstration with BAE Systems’ helmet, followed by final product development. Terma and BAE Systems will then perform aircraft integration and certification before serial helmet production commences.