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Swedish marine insurer puts root cause of incidents into focus

The Swedish Club has launched its latest publication, Claims at a Glance, which provides an insight into the full range of claims the Club has handled over the last five years, and is intended as a tool to reduce the frequency of incidents for both P&I* and H&M** claims. With prevention at its heart, it covers the key lessons learned across a range of real life situations, and provides a useful update of data contained in its most recent loss prevention titles: P&I Claims Analysis; Main Engine Damage; Navigational Claims; Ice – Advice for
Trading in the Polar Regions; Heavy Weather; and Wet Damage to Cargo.

Claims at a Glance investigates the causes of a wide range of incidents and makes practical recommendations on how to prevent them. It makes full use of Interactive Root Cause Analysis (IRCA) to analyse the root cause of a variety of claims, demonstrating that despite the seeming differences between incidents, the root causes are often very similar.

The report can be found here.