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Strategic plan promotes sustainable future for maritime professionals

Sustainability features strongly in The Nautical Institute’s latest Strategic Plan, which was published on 11 March and will run to 2020. It incorporates the views of 1,400 members who responded to a call to help guide the Institute’s work.

Captain Robert McCabe (pictured), President of the Institute, said the organisation needed to plot its course in a challenging world where there were ‘more sensitivities, more regulations, more accountability, more technology, more trade, more ships, less water space, and greater competition from other industries offering opportunities to bright young people.’

He pointed out: ‘Sustainability can also apply to professions. A cornerstone of sustainability is knowledge, and knowledge in a rapidly changing environment can only be gained by sharing. The sharing of knowledge is one of our core foundations and the Institute has been distributing knowledge and best practice since its inception.’

The Nautical Institute