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Stealth jets fight Daesh

Illustrations Ministry of Defence Crown Copyright 2021 ©

The UK’s Carrier Strike Group has joined the fight against Daesh with F-35 jets carrying out their very first combat missions from HMS Queen Elizabeth. This was reported by the Ministry of Defence on 22 June.

Stealth jets of 617 Squadron RAF (The Dambusters) carried out operational sorties for the first time from the carrier in support of Operation Shader and US Operation Inherent Resolve.

For the task group, which has spent previous weeks in the Mediterranean working with NATO allies and partners, it marks a change of emphasis. From exercises and international engagements, the Carrier Strike Group is now delivering its full might of naval and air power, putting the ‘strike’ into Carrier Strike Group and contributing to the UK’s fight against Daesh -Operation Shader, which forms part of the Global Collation against Daesh.