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Resilient PNT Forum IV

The International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) holds its Congress in Prague from 20-24 October 2015. The fourth Forum on Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) will be held from 1600-1800 on 20 October 2015, immediately preceding the Conference in the same venue.

This follows three very successful events at ENC 2014 in Rotterdam, at ION ITM 2015 at Dana Point California and at ENC 2015 in Bordeaux. The motivation for these events is the increasing reliance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems in all transport sectors, for timing and other essential infrastructure throughout the World.

Note: there is no charge for this event, those wishing to attend are invited to register their interest with the organisers, nick-dot-ward-at-gla-hyphen-rrnav-dot-org

The day’s programme can be found here.