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Record breaking direct New York to Sydney flight

Illustrations kindly provided by Qantas Media – photos by James D Morgan/Qantas©

On 20 October the first non-stop commercial airline flight from New York to Sydney landed after 19 hours 16 minutes in the air.

A total of 49 passengers and crew were on the flight, which was used to run a series of experiments to assess health and well-being onboard. It is understood that data from these experiments will be used to help shape the crew rostering and customer service of Qantas’ ultra long haul flights in future including what is known as Project Sunrise.

Tests ranged from monitoring pilot brain waves, melatonin levels and alertness, through to exercise classes for passengers.

Cabin lighting and in-flight meals were also adjusted to help reduce jetlag, according to the medical researchers and scientists who have partnered with Qantas.