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Ready for launch: one of the most advanced and critical space systems

A robotic arm with strong Danish roots is to be sent to the International Space Station. – image courtesy ESA©

It was reported from Lystrup, Denmark on 19 July that the Space Department at Terma were following anxiously the Proton rocket launch on 21 July at Baikonur bound for the international space station, ISS. On board is the new robotic arm in which the Danish company has been deeply involved.

Carsten Jørgensen, Senior Vice President and Director of the Terma Space division commented: ‘Even though there has over time been many rocket launches, space travel will never become routine – even for us who have worked within this area for many years.’

He and his colleagues have during the last 20 years been involved in design and development of the new robotic arm, also known as European Robotic Arm or ERA, which will now be sent to the space station. Here it will be used to complete the space station and among other things handle some of the larger construction panels, replace spare parts, and inspect the surface of the space station.