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RAF trains in Turkey

RAF and Turkish Air Force pilots pose for a photograph in front of a Typhoon FGR4 and a Turkish F16
A Typhoon FGR4 taking part in air to air refuelling en route to Konya
A F16 (top) and Typhoon FGR4 flying over Konya – Illustrations MoD Crown Copyright 2020 ©

Royal Air Force personnel and Typhoons have conducted a week of training in Turkey as part of a package of the NATO Alliance’s assurance measures to one of its key allies. This was reported by the UK Ministry of Defence on 24 November.

As part of the UK’s contribution in delivering on its NATO commitment of Tailored Assurance Measures to Turkey, No IX(B) Squadron Typhoons based at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, spent three days exercising alongside the Turkish Air Force F16s at the 3rd Main Jet base, Konya, in south central Turkey.