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NTSB news

Air traffic control incidents – On 22nd April the (US) National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released preliminary reports on two air traffic control incident investigations.

NTSB investigation into Lubbock, Texas crash – On 22nd April NTSB announced that it will hold a public Board meeting on its investigation into an accident in which a cargo airplane crashed on approach to landing in Lubbock, Texas.

NTSB and a 2010 plane crash involving former Senator Stevens – As part of its continuing investigation into the 9th August, 2010 aviation accident in Alaska, NTSB announced on 21st April that it had made the accident docket available to the public.

Annual aviation statistics for 2010
The safety of civil aviation in the United States continued to make incremental
improvements across most industry segments in 2010, based on the preliminary
aviation accident statistics released on 20th April by the NTSB.