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New technologies and a network approach

the CANSO Membership brochure.©

Full Members: Any ANSP can join CANSO as a Full Member regardless of its legal status. This includes ANSPs integrated within government structures and departments.

Associate Members: Organisations that supply goods and services to the air traffic management industry, as well as academic institutions and airspace users can become an Associate Member.

It was reported from Langen, Germany, on 10 April 2019 that CANSO (the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation) has laid out the steps that all stakeholders in air traffic management need to take towards achieving seamless airspace.

In an address at a Global ATM Operations Conference hope was expressed that air navigation services providers (ANSPs) and States should continue to take full advantage of new technologies and also start to move towards a more network, cross-border mindset. Furthermore governments must give ANSPs the freedom to act as normal businesses and regulators need to adopt a performance-based approach to regulation.