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New markets for Almarin buoys

Barcelona-based Almarin’s navigation buoys are being installed in a growing number of markets in Europe and further afield, proving effectiveness by simple reliable design with the use of high quality materials manufactured in Europe, it is reported.

In Léman Lake (Lake Geneva), on the border between France and Switzerland, buoys (illustrated) have been installed to mark a floating containment boom in the estuary of the Rhône river, near Port Valais. The Balizamar buoys used in this project were adapted by the customer for this application.

Almarin has also supplied buoys further east, in an estuary in Beirut (Lebanon) and at Ras Nabi Younis Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Buoys to mark subsea infrastructure related to a water desalination plant have also been exported to Algeria. These products are designed to meet current
IALA recommendations.