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Navigation aids renewal in Colombia’s San Andrés and Providencia islands

DIMAR (Colombia’s National Maritime Authority) continues to invest in the safety of its waterways and ports.

The most recent project completed, it was announced on 30 October, was the renewal of the aids to navigation in the access channels to the ports of San Andrés and Providencia located in Colombia’s Caribbean waters. According to local sources: “This is an investment that impacts decisively on the maritime future and economic development of Colombia’s Caribbean islands.”

Works have been carried out by Almarin, a specialist in the manufacture and installation of floating aids to navigation. The scope of the project included the supply, delivery and deployment of more than thirty buoys: twenty lateral marks, one safe water mark and one isolated danger mark in the access channel to the port in San Andrés island, and also eight lateral buoys and one safe water mark in the access channel to the port on Providencia island.