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Maritime Safety Committee, 97th meeting

The 97th session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) was held at
IMO HQ in London from 21-25 November.

Among other issues, these recommendations stand out:

– The MSC adopted recommendations on the safe carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel on board vessels engaged on international voyages, aimed at addressing the safe and efficient transfer of technicians at sea, such as those working in the growing offshore alternative energy sector.

– Also adopted were recommendations for carriage of liquefied hydrogen in bulk, as the International Gas Carrier (IGC) Code lacks specific hydrogen requirements.

– Subject to IMO Assembly confirmation, the MSC adopted amendments on a recommendation to Governments to take into account safety of navigation when multiple structures at sea, such as wind turbines, are being planned.

– Amendments were approved to update the International SafetyNET and the
NAVTEX Manuals. SafetyNET is the international automatic direct-printing satellite-based service for the promulgation of Maritime Safety Information (MSI), navigational and meteorological warnings and forecasts and other urgent safety related messages to ships, including SAR information. NAVTEX provides coastal shipping, via terrestrial means, with similar messages above by automatic display or printout from a dedicated receiver.

– The MSC approved a circular expressing grave concern over the reported
launch of missiles by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea without due warnings.