iSea R&D

It was announced from Birkeroed, Denmark early in August that Danelec Marine is the project leader for a consortium of companies in iSea, a two-year R&D project to improve efficiency in ship operations and safer navigation.

The iSea programme has been approved for funding by the Eurostars programme. In addition to Danelec Marine, participants are Vessel Performance Solutions ApS (Denmark), i-Marine Technologies and Research Inc. (Turkey) and Deniztekno Danismanlik Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Bilgisayar San. Tic. Std. Sti

The iSea team will deliver a set of Expert Decision Support Systems (EDSS) for enhancing the performance and navigability of vessels. It is understood that the novel EDSS will be enabled by a low-cost and low-risk telematics solution providing real-time transfer of crucial data from ship to shore. The illustration here shows the various sources of ship-to-shore information needed by owners.