Galileo Services and OREGIN join forces

Galileo Services Association, with 28 members among the major actors of
the GNSS downstream industry, is the leading international association of
GNSS equipment manufacturers and service providers. Since the
establishment of the association, Galileo Services’ members have
significantly invested in the Galileo downstream business, in particular
through EC Framework Programmes for Research and Development, and
have strongly supported the Galileo programme being a key player during
discussions with the Institutions.

OREGIN, the ORganisation of European GNSS equipment and service
INdustry, is the European biggest network of GNSS industries. Created in
1999, OREGIN comprises today over 160 members from 20 European
countries, ranging from large companies to the smallest innovative start ups
and SMEs, in association with university research centres.

Galileo Services and OREGIN have decided to join their forces.