RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2017

Transport plays a key role in shaping space and has long been recognised as a maker and breaker of cities (Clark 1958; Knowles 2006). Securing private and public sector investment in mass transit systems, green transport modes and smart city infrastructure can be problematic, but is central to developing sustainable cities (Cervero and Sullivan 2011).

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is the process of focussing the development of housing, employment, activity sites and public services around existing or new rail or bus rapid transit stations or stops (Knowles 2012; Knowles and Ferbrache 2016). TOD is designed to create a relatively high density, compact and mixed urban form. TOD is now a very important part of a broader ‘smart growth’ approach to urban development and urban regeneration in many countries.

Abstracts of 250-300 words indicating title, author(s) and affiliation(s) should be sent by 6 February 2017 to r.d.knowles-at-salford.ac.uk and fiona.ferbrache-at-keble.ox.ac.uk.