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Munich Satellite Navigation Summit

– Implementation of the European Global Satellite Navigation System Galileo

– Modernization of the US Global Positioning System (GPS III)

– Status and modernization of the Russian Global Satellite Navigation System GLONASS

– Developments of new global and regional systems like the Chinese Beidou (BDS), the Japanese QZSS and the Indian IRNSS

– Vulnerability of GNSS, why it can fail after all

– From Iridium to e-Loran – GNSS in need for Backup?

– Galileo after the Brexit

– Civil use of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS)

– Legal aspects on selected topics in the field of GNSS

– Network-based solutions for GNSS Backup

– Innovation in SMEs

– Security issues of applications for Augmented Reality

– GNSS based Gaming

– High precision GNSS on the smartphone

– Platforms for new applications: Google Android N, Swift/Piksi