International Symposium on Navigation and Timing

The International Technical Symposium on Navigation and Timing also known as the ITSNT, is an annual event organized by CNES and ENAC for professionals and researchers working with or interested in navigation and timing technologies and their use.

This event is composed of two types of sessions:

– “Invited Guest” sessions: special guests are invited by the scientific committee to give a presentation related to the generic topic of the session. Typically, there are 4 guest speakers per session, and the session ends with a round table.

– “Peer Reviewed Paper” sessions: the presenters of these sessions are selected by the scientific committee based on a call for abstracts.

The ITSNT also provides a great environment for networking and visiting our sponsors’ exhibition stands. The symposium includes tutorials given by some of the invited guest speakers on their topic of excellence.

The 2018 edition of the ITSNT will take place on the 13-16 Nov 2018.