1st International Conference on Machine Control & Guidance

The President of the Swiss Institute of Navigation has informed us that this event will be held from 24th to 26th June 2008 at ETH Zurich, Hoenggerberg, Switzerland.
The aim of this event in the fields of construction and agriculture is to initiate a technical and scientific discussion among researchers, academics, system and service providers as well as users.
Operation of 3D-position sensors for navigation of machinery on construction sites such as roads, tunnels, railways and airports has increased in recent years.
GPS-based applications such as crop mapping and automatic steering have also found their way into agriculture and are well integrated.

This event will contribute to the interchange of knowledge between experts regarding different applications and demands of research in this highly interesting field.

The proceedings will be in English and the following topics will be discussed: Kinematic Measurement and Sensor Technology; 3D Construction Applications (State of the Art, Trends); Agricultural Application (State of the Art, Trends); Data Processing/Flow; Control Process and Algorithm; Standardisation; Major Construction Projects.