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European NOP 2021 Rolling Seasonal Plan

In mid-August EUROCONTROL announced publication of the 40th edition of its Network Manager’s European Network Operations Plan (NOP) – Rolling Seasonal Plan.

It was learnt learn that an updated version of the Plan is published every Friday, covering a rolling six-week period and consolidating data from 350 airlines, 68 area control centres (ACCs), 55 airports and 43 States.

Three days later, on the Monday, it is reviewed by operational stakeholders in the ad hoc Enlarged NDOP1 Recovery Cell, a body that brings together Europe’s Network air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports, airlines and military Directors of Operations to enhance performance and tackle issues on a network basis, as inputs for the next edition.

The Plan plays a major role in helping European aviation to recover by providing aviation’s key actors with the global view they need to plan effectively.