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On 7 April the EUROCONTROL Member States announced agreement on a financial package enabling airlines to defer the payment of up to €1.1 billion of air traffic control fees due for payment to Europe’s air traffic management industry in the coming months.

As a result of COVID-19, the number of flights operating daily in European airspace has declined by 90%. This dramatic reduction in operations is likely to continue for a number of weeks to come and therefore the airline industry had sought the support of EUROCONTROL Member States to help it deal with its sudden and significant cash flow crisis.

EUROCONTROL Member States agreed to help airlines operating in Europe by deferring their payments of air traffic control fees worth €1.13 billion for periods between seven and thirteen months. While this provides relief for one branch of the aviation industry, it clearly shifts the burden to ANSPs, who will find it difficult to maintain financial stability without further support.

CANSO therefore supports the related proposal adopted yesterday (13 April) which enables EUROCONTROL to apply for funding which guarantees a minimum level of financing for European ANSPs until September.