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EfficienSea2 mid-term conference report

EfficienSea 2 is an three-year EU Horizon 2020 funded project led by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA), with 32 partners. Its mid-term conference was held in Copenhagen on 8 and 9 November 2016, aiming to give both industry and other actors outside the project a chance to become familiar with and give feedback on the e-Navigation solutions being developed by EfficienSea2.

‘Safe connectivity made easy’ were the defining words of the conference. Two platforms – the Maritime Cloud and the BalticWeb – were released in BETA
versions and demonstrated with a number of services.

The Maritime Cloud was the first thing to be demonstrated at the conference. Consisting of a service registry, an identity registry and a management portal, the Maritime Cloud will make it possible to connect the end user of services with the service providers in a way which is both user friendly and safe.

The BalticWeb was introduced as a platform for e-navigation services. Demonstrations were given of harmonized, digital navigation services, including real-time chart updates, navigational warnings and notices to mariners. Smart wayfinding using data overlays was presented, with optimized routeing on the Baltic Web, using weather and ice prognosis as a way of finding efficient routes, as well as space weather prediction for more accurate navigation. Sea/shore integration was demonstrated, with route sharing ship-to-shore and information sharing between Vessel Traffic Services/Ship reporting Systems (VTS/SRS) for efficient SAR operations.