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EfficienSea2 is demonstrating major milestones

The Maritime Cloud

EfficienSea 2 is an EU Funded Horizon 2020 Project, led by the Danish Maritime Authority, with 32 partners and a budget of €11m. It runs from May 2015 – April 2018.

The EfficienSea2 mid-term conference “Getting Connected to the Future” takes place on 8-9 November 2016, in Copenhagen.

Technology and smart concepts are rapidly evolving within the field of maritime navigation, communication and administration. The conference will address the following questions:

– Will The Maritime Cloud solve identity management and foster Big Data at sea?

– With the alpha release of the regional e-Navigation pilot, the BalticWeb platform, can the Baltic Sea become a role model for global roll out of e-Navigation?

– How can standardised, navigational and administrative services reduce the risk of accidents, increase efficiency and create incentives to comply with emission regulations?

Readers are invited to visit the project website to get more information.