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e-navigation – Where is it going

By Dr Nick Ward CEng FRIN AFNI, GLA Research Director & Dr Paul Williams, CEng BSc(Hons) FRIN GLA R&RNAV, Principal

E-navigation is an IMO initiative for future, digital navigation in the maritime sector. It was conceived about ten years ago following an input to IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee from several leading maritime nations. This highlighted a clear need to equip the master of a vessel, and those responsible for the safety of shipping ashore, with modern, proven tools to make marine navigation and communications more reliable and thereby reduce errors.

Key objectives of e-Navigation include: safe and secure navigation of vessels, facilitating communications, including data exchange between vessels and shore, integration and presentation of information onboard and ashore to maximize navigation safety benefits and minimize risk of confusion, as demonstrated in projects such as Mona Lisa 2.0.

Being carried by a Trinity House engineer, a Tideland Sea Beacon 2 System 6 radar beacon or racon. This unit has been modified to provide data on location, but that is not visible. – photo © Trinity House