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Aids to navigation for port of Mongla, Bangladesh

Mongla Port is situated on the East Bank of the Pussur River near the confluence of the Pussur and Mongla Nulla at a distance of 71 nautical miles from the Fairway Buoy situated (Lat. 21°26’9″N. long. 89°34’4″E) in the Bay of Bengal.

As an obsolete buoy is lifted out, buoys fitted with Tideland Signal lanterns and satellite remote monitoring (SRM) wait to be deployed as upgrades in the Port of Mongla, Bangladesh.

Tideland Signal Ltd announced on 18th November that it has supplied and commissioned a wide range of aids to navigation (AtoN) for the Port of Mongla,
Bangladesh, where a major development project is currently under way to bring facilities up to current international standards.