A New Year message from Yasuo Arai, President of the IAIN

The Association has had a busy year. We have contributed to several strands of activity. These have included in the marine environment: the development of guidelines for both S-mode in ships’ bridge equipment and the harmonisation of the presentation of navigational information on bridge displays. Meanwhile, in the air world we are supporting an initiative to encourage the adoption of True North as a heading reference by the aviation community. Lastly, but not least, back at sea, we were involved in the preparation of a first regulatory framework for autonomous ships.

The continuous challenge facing navigators, one no less serious than the vulnerability of Space-Based Positioning and Timing, is that of maintaining cyber security – the defence of our vehicle systems (be they in cars, planes, ships, drones or space vehicles) against those wishing to interfere with them for malicious purposes.

The 2018 IAIN World Congress is to be held over 27 November – 1 December 2018 in Makuhari, Japan. The programme will have as its main theme “Science, Technology and Practice for Resilient Navigation” and discuss the development of safety, security and efficiency of navigation in cars, planes, ships, drones or space vehicles developing autonomous integrity of navigational information towards fully autonomous navigation. I look forward to seeing many of you in Makuhari, Japan.

I wish all our Members and readers

A happy, successful and safe New Year 2018

Yasuo Arai,
(Japan Institute of Navigation)
IAIN President

The full message can be found here.

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