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A New Year message from the President

There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year for so many around the world.

Many IAIN Member organisations had to postpone meetings, some to dates beyond the year’s end and well into 2021 or even beyond. Within IAIN, Officers took the difficult decision to postpone our own IAIN 2021 World Congress. The possibility to hold Congress in 2022 will be reviewed at the next Officers’ meeting in May 2021. All the international and intergovernmental organisations with which IAIN is involved have also had their own programmes and plans impacted.

However, 2020 has also seen great innovation: humankind at its best, collaborating and working together to achieve things previously thought impossible. From global collaboration on vaccine development to local communities providing support for the needy in their streets, great things have been achieved by so many. Institutes of Navigation have played their part too, often with more people able to contribute virtually than would be possible in-person. Positioning, navigation and timing has, at last, become widely recognised as the invisible utility underpinning and enabling our modern world. I believe we should all feel proud of how our knowledge and co-operation have enabled so much innovation and are contributing to safety and sustainability.

On behalf of myself, Simon Gaskin, our Secretary General, and the IAIN Officers, may we take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the best for a successful and rewarding 2021.

Best wishes,

John Pottle, President IAIN.