4th Annual India Shipping Summit Solving the manning crisis in the maritime industry

This is a special forum devoted to examining and resolving the manning
crisis in the maritime industry.
Recent studies by the International
Shipping Federation and BIMCO have highlighted that the major
worldwide shortage of qualified ships’ officers will become more accute
as the massive fleet of new ships is commissioned over the next three
years. With competition for quality seafarers crew retention has become a
vital issue for ship operators. There will be high profile speakers such as
V Ships India’s Managing Director Captain Rajesh Tandon, Tony Mason,
Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping and of the
International Shipping Federation.

According to literature provided by the organisers it has been suggested that educated Indians, as their counterparts in other countries, are no longer interested in working afloat and instead aim for IT or corporate positions, often with lower starting salaries. The Indian Shipping Summit will attempt to determine if careers at sea can be made attractive again, and if so, how.
Opportunities for maritime training and education in India will be discussed along with pros and cons of outsourcing versus recruiting and training in-house. Implications for global shipping will be considered along with India’s future as a global maritime player; the delivery of world-class infrastructure to the nation; the comment of the charterers; offshore oil and gas developments and energy transport; maritime technology in a changing regulatory environment and the future of shipbuilding in India.

Speakers and panellists are expected from Europe, China, South East Asia, the Middle East, India and elsewhere and it is expected that more than 600 delegates will be received. The summit will also host India’s most prestigious independent maritime awards.

Further details may be obtained on the website.