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Dassault Aviation pays tribute to Serge Dassault 1925-2018
06 June 2018

Serge Dassault 1925-2018

Under Serge Dassault's leadership, Dassault Aviation consistently developed and implemented a policy aimed at adapting to new market realities. He led the Company to rise to the challenges of the 21st century. Under his terms emerged innovative aircraft meeting the new customers' requirements, notably the modernized Super-Étendard, the Mirages 2000-5 and 2000D and Rafale for combat aircraft, and the Falcons 2000, 900EX, 50EX, 900C and multi-mission Falcons with the Falcon family of business jets.
Under his impetus, and with the help of Charles Edelstenne, he restructured and modernized the industrial tool while maintaining the company's social model. Notably, Serge Dassault ensured that every employee could benefit from the efforts made by distributing an incentive and a profit-sharing each year far in excess of what the law provided for.

page last revised Oct 25, 2018