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INC2017 - Latest programme now available
09 November 2017

As well as the latest technical innovations and technology updates, the conference will cover the legal, ethical, human cognitive and regulatory issues associated with realising new opportunities. The presentations, exhibition and networking at RIN INC2017 are designed to broaden knowledge and provide a range of perspectives on topics as diverse as artificial intelligence, authentication, privacy, machine learning and augmented reality in location applications. In addition, on 27 November the Resilient PNT Forum will meet in the afternoon, in partnership with RIN INC2017, following the very well attended meeting at RIN INC2016.

See the latest programme.

Mapping UK shipping density and routes from AIS
18 June 2014

A Marine Management Organisation report Mapping UK shipping density and routes from AIS (MMO 1066) which outlines an investigation of spatial trends in shipping activity around the UK, authored by ABPmer, has recently been published.
As part of the study, ABPmer developed a series of flexible data processing tools and associated geographic information system (GIS) procedures to decode and display automatic identification system (AIS) data from vessels for the whole of the UK. This work follows on from ABPmer's previously published MMO1042 Shipping Activity Project, which primarily concerned the South Marine Plan Area.

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