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Aim Membership General Assembly Officers' Committee Bylaws Representatives guidelines

Article 1 - Aim

The International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) is a non-governmental, non-profit-making organisation with the object of uniting national and multinational institutes and organisations which aim to foster human activities at sea, in the air, in space and on land, and who many benefit from the development of the science and practise of navigation and related information techniques.

The aim of IAIN is achieved by, among other things:

  1. fostering cooperation and assistance between members;
  2. establishing technical committees or working groups to study specific problems, and producing appropriate recommendations and standards;
  3. organising Congresses and Seminars relevant to its work;
  4. collecting and evaluating information about the activities of its Members, as well as encouraging, supporting and making known recent developments in a periodical;
  5. providing assistance to organisations requesting help either technical or organisational, or in training;
  6. maintaining liaison with relevant intergovernmental and other organisations and offering specialised advice where appropriate.

Article 2 - Membership

IAIN comprises:
Associate Members;
Corporate Members;
Corresponding Members;
Honorary Members.

Members are the Institutes of Navigation. These are non-profit-making bodies with national or multi-national membership whose objectives are the advancement of the science and practice of navigation at sea, on land, in the air or in space. Any such Institute properly constituted and recognised at national or multinational level shall be eligible for Membership.

Associate Membership may be applied for by any other non-profit-making organisation recognised at international, multinational or national level dealing with matters of interest to the Association.

Corporate Members are organisations or groups constituted and recognised at national or multinational levels, being Corporate Members of a Member Institute, aiming at promoting IAIN activities, such as:

Corresponding Membership may be granted as an alternative to Associate Membership. Corresponding Members undertake to exchange documentation and information with IAIN on a regular basis but do not have the responsibilities, nor expect the benefits of Associate Membership.

Honorary Membership may be conferred for life upon any individual who is considered [by the Officers' Committee] to have performed extraordinary service or made a significant contribution to the work of IAIN.

Application for membership constitutes an agreement to pay the appropriate annual fees as laid down from time to time.

Membership may be terminated:

  1. by resignation of the member;
  2. by decision of the Officers' Committee for non-payment of fees for two years;
  3. by decision of the General Assembly for any justifiable cause in the best interest of IAIN.

Article 3 - Funding

IAIN shall be funded from fees, grants, gifts and generally as permitted by law.

Article 4 - Registered Office and Duration

The registered office of IAIN is at the Netherlands Institute of Navigation, Seattleweg 7, NL-3195, ND-PERNIS-RT, The Netherlands. The duration of IAIN is unlimited.

Article 5 - General Assembly

General Assemblies of members are held at intervals not exceeding three years. They are normally held concurrently with IAIN Congresses. A General Assembly will be convened by order of the Officers' Committee. Special General Assemblies may be convened in between two consecutive normal Assemblies.

A General Assembly consists of:

  1. The Officers of the Association,
  2. Two delegates appointed by each Member of the Association,
  3. One delegate appointed by each Associate Member,
  4. One delegate appointed by each Corporate Member, and
  5. Honorary Members wishing to attend.

In matters concerned with the Constitution, only Members will be entitled to one vote. In any other matter to be decided by vote, each delegate shall be entitled to one vote. In the event of a tied vote, the President of the Association has a casting vote.

The General Assembly, among other things:

  1. decides the overall policy of IAIN;
  2. elects the members of the Officers' Committee to hold office until the next meeting of the Assembly (see Article 6);
  3. approves the programme of work and achievements presented by the Committee of Officers;
  4. determines the amount of annual fees to be paid by the membership each year until the next General Assembly;
  5. approves the triennial budget and financial statement;
  6. adopts By-Laws;
  7. appoints the Auditor.

Article 6 - Officers' Committee

IAIN is administered by an Officers' Committee comprising up to eight members elected by the General Assembly as follows:

These seven Officers will be elected from among Members, and will normally be Council members of the Member Institutes.

These two members coming from the Associate and Corporate Membership will be chosen by the General Assembly from those playing a prominent role in the Association's work.

Elected Officers should, as far as practicable, be drawn from different parts of the world with a view to achieving as widespread a representation as possible on the Officers' Committee.

The President and Vice Presidents shall not hold their office for more than the period between two consecutive normal General Assemblies.

The Treasurer, Secretary General and Officers representing Associate and Corporate Members shall not hold office for more than six years.

Article 7 - Duties of the Officers' Committee

The Officers' Committee will meet regurlarly and at least once a year.

Such meetings will be convened by the President or any one of the Vice-Presidents, or the Secretary General, or at the request of two Officers.

The Officers' Committee, among other things:

The Officers' Committee is chaired by the President of the Association or, in the case of the absence of the President, by the Senior Vice-President. An Officers' Committee decision can be made by a simple majority of those present at a meeting subject to a minimum of four votes recorded in its favour. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman of the Officers' Committee has a casting vote. The President can decide to carry out a postal vote from among the Officers.

Article 8 - Congresses and Exhibitions

All categories of IAIN members are entitled to be represented at an IAIN Congress. Non-members may participate in an IAIN Congress subject to payment of special registration fees. An exhibition of equipment, hardware/software will be organised during the Congress period. Members are entitled to exhibit under reduced fees.

Article 9 - Alterations to the Constitution

Alterations to the Constitution can only be made by a two-third majority of Members attending a General Assembly. The Officers' Committee can decide as an emergency measure to carry out a postal vote. In such a case, alterations to the Constitution require a two-third majority of Members taking part in the postal vote.

Article 10 - Termination

The termination of IAIN may be decided upon under the same conditions as required for alterations to the Constitution (see Article 9). On termination, the Officers' Committee is responsible for the winding up of IAIN and for distribution of the assets to charitable or technical organisations connected with the safety of navigation at sea, in the air, in space or on land.

Article 11 - By-Laws

Matters not specifically regulated by the Constitution shall be regulated by By-Laws to be agreed upon by the General Assembly. Additions and alterations to the By-Laws may be made by the General Assembly by simple majority.

By-Laws as at October 2015:

  1. The Committee of Officers may draw up and publish Working Rules to implement the Constitution and By-Laws. These rules do not require the consent of the General Assembly.
  2. The place and date of the General Assembly agreed by the Officers are communicated to the membership at least five months in advance. The Agenda is sent out at least three months before the Assembly. Any Resolution from an IAIN Member or Corporate Member received by the Secretary General at least four months before the day of the General Assembly will be placed on the Agenda. The above delays are reduced down, respectively to three months and six weeks and to two months in case of the Officers' Committee convening a Special General Assembly (a Special General Assembly should be convened by the Officers' Committee).
  3. No business other than that contained in the Agenda may be discussed at the General Assembly.
  4. Subject to consultation of the membership the Committee of Officers may fill any office that has become vacant for the time elapsing from the occurence of the vacancy until the next General Assembly. International Committees or working groups set up under clause 1(b) of the Constitution operate in accordance with such general rules as the Officers' Committee may draw up from time to time.
  5. Any position on a matter of IAIN policy or expressing a view in public on any technical matter to be considered as representing the views of the Association, shall be previously agreed upon by the Officers' Committee which will report as appropriate to the General Assembly. The Officers' Committee is entitled to assign a person whose competence is widely recognised, and whose mission is to present the official views of the Association in various international organisations or fora. This person shall provide the Officers' Committee with any information of interest for publication in the IAIN Periodical.
  6. If the Association is formally consulted under clause 1 (e) of the Constitution, the Committee of Officers will make every effort to secure a unanimous view among the membership. If unanimity is unobtainable the Committee may put forward the consensus view and any other views expressed.
  7. Expenses associated with the work of the Officers' Committee are at the charge of the Association with the exception of Committee Members travelling expenses which are the responsibility of the organisations to which they belong.

Conference Arrangements & Finances

  1. The General Assembly during a tri-annual IAIN Conference decides on the host Institute of Navigation [ION] for the next conference. A request for interest in hosting the conference will be sent by the Secretary General to the member IONs at least eighteen months prior to the General Assembly selection. Initial proposals will be reviewed by the Officers Committee meeting about one year to the General Assembly. The Officers Committee then evaluates the IONs submissions and makes a ¨next host ION¨ recommendation at the next Officers meeting prior to the General Assembly.
  2. The host ION is responsible for the organization of the Triennial Conference but is to report on progress to the Officers Committee meetings and to the IAIN President as requested.
  3. Member IONs will publicise / promote the event in their ION publications.
  4. Member IONs will participate in the composition of the conference programme.
  5. Member IONs will encourage speakers from their membership to submit papers to the Conference.
  6. Member IONs will encourage their membership to participate in the Conference.
  7. Member IONs will encourage their industry members to participate in the exhibition of the event.
  8. The host ION bears the financial risk of the conference and therefore will seek to ensure a financially healthy outcome.
  9. The host ION will yield 25% of the financial surplus to IAIN funds.

Guidelines for Representatives to other International Organisations

IAIN has a recognised status with a number of international organisations whose work involves navigation. Currently these include IMO, ICAO, IHO and ICG. The description of our status varies with each organisation though essentially our role is akin to an observer who contributes to the navigational aspects of each organisation but only has an advisory voice.

The appointment of representatives to international bodies shall be made by the Officers of IAIN and their nomination shall be officially forwarded by the Secretary General of IAIN.

The IAIN representative shall attend relevant meetings of the organisation he/she is accredited to or make arrangements for another member(s) of IAIN to attend in his/her stead.

The IAIN representative, or his/her substitute(s), is empowered to provide navigational advice to the international organisation on behalf of IAIN. The representative shall refer back to the Officers for clearance any document he/she might wish to submit as well as any commitment that the international organisation might wish to make with IAIN.

The IAIN representative should take every opportunity to spread the word about IAIN activities, especially encouraging participation in the Newsletter and the triennial Congress.

The IAIN representative shall pass reports of meetings attended to the Editor of the IAIN newsletter for publication. He/she shall also render a brief report prior to each IAIN Officers´ Meeting. If convenient the representative is most welcome to attend the Officers´ Meeting.

The tenure of office of a representative shall be flexible but ultimately at the discretion of the Officers of IAIN. Current IAIN representatives to international organisations are to be promulgated through the IAIN website.

page last revised May 6, 2020