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May 27 - 29, 2019 St. Petersburg, Russia

26th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems

The 26th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems will be held 27-29 May, 2019.


Jun 10 - 14, 2019 University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlamds

ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019

The ISPRS Geospatial Week (GSW) is a combination of workshops organised by about 30 ISPRS Working Groups active in areas of interest of ISPRS. It is convened by the University of Twente acting as local organiser. The ISPRS Geospatial Week is held biennially in odd years. The GSW 2019 is the fourth edition, after Antalya 2013, Montpellier 2015 and Wuhan 2017.
The ISPRS Geospatial Week's general goals are to increase the possibility of communication between the different workshop communities within ISPRS and beyond, to increase the continuous visibility of ISPRS on a yearly basis, together with the Congress and the Commission Symposia, thus leading to larger impact for ISPRS activities, and to give Sustaining Members a more attractive opportunity to participate in ISPRS events.


Jun 11 - 13, 2019 Centre des Congrès Pierre Baudis, Toulouse, France

ETTC 2019

ETTC is a unique international event, organised by AAAF and SEE in Europe, addressing a wide range of test and telemetry technologies for transport industries: aeronautical, space, automotive, defence, railways, etc.
In 2019 the SFTE (Society of Flight Test Engineers) will join our conference and celebrate with us their 50th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of the European Chapter!
ETTC'19 will focus not only on new solutions to acquire, transmit and store large amounts of data but also on the new ways to manage and analyze this data.
The ambition of ETTC'19 is to help attendees to answer the questions they have in these varied technical areas.


Jun 12 - 14, 2019 Gdynia, Poland

TransNav - 13th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation

We kindly inform that 13th International Conference TransNav will be held from 12 to 14 June 2019 (Wednesday - Friday).
The Conference is addressed to scientists and professionals in order to share their expert knowledge, experience and research results concerning all aspects of navigation, safety of navigation and sea transportation.
The Thirteen Edition of the most innovative World conference on maritime transport research designed to find solutions to challenges in waterborne transport, navigation and shipping, mobility of people and goods with respect to energy, infrastructure, environment, safety and security as well as to the economic issues.

Faculty of Navigation of the Gdynia Maritime University and The Nautical Institute

Jun 13 - 14, 2019 University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

European Calibration and Orientation Workshop with Multisensor Systems for 3D Mapping and Navigation

The meeting brings together the world experts, from both public and private sectors, to present and discuss the recent findings on Sensor Calibration and Orientation as well as Multisensory systems for Navigation and Mapping. With the rapid development of autonomous platforms, this traditional field of photogrammetry and geodesy integrates with robotics, computer vision and system control. Indeed, tighter integration between sensors and platforms remains an open challenge both algorithmically and practically for a number of applications that requires higher measures for reliability, integrity as well as accuracy both in navigation and mapping. Also, calibration procedures need to be revamped for new (and often small) optical sensors as well as their integration with navigation devices.
This one and half-day 'single-track' meeting strives to be practical, informative and informal where the experts with theoretical and hands-on experience discuss in a relaxed atmosphere.


Jun 19 - 20, 2019 Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand, Beirut, Lebanon

East Med Maritime Conference 2019

The East Med Maritime Conference EMMC 2019 will be held under the patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers, HE Saad Hariri, as well as the Ministry of Public Works & Transport, Directorate General of Land & Maritime Transport in Lebanon.
EMMC 2019 will take place on 19 and 20 June 2019, at Hilton Beirut Habtour Grand, Beirut-Lebanon.

Jun 26 - 28, 2019 Maritim Hotel Ulm, Ulm, Germany

International Radar Symposium

The International Radar Symposium provides a forum for both academic and industrial professionals in radar from all over the world and to bring together academicians, researchers, engineers, system analysts, graduate and undergraduate students with government and non-government organizations to share and discuss both theoretical and practical knowledge. We invite everybody to submit outstanding and valuable original research papers and participate in the technical exhibition during the conference.


Jul 1 - 4, 2019 Rimonim Palm Beach Acre Hotel, Akko, Israel

Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation

The Mediterranean Control Association and the Organising Committee of the 27th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in MED 2019 to be held on the 1-4 July 2019 in Akko, Israel. The conference will include tutorials and workshops, a technical program of presentations from July 2 to July 4, and keynote lectures covering a wide range of topics on systems, automation, robotics and control including theory, hardware, software, communication technologies and applications. MED 2019 offers a great opportunity for academics, researchers and industrial players working in control and automation to socialise and network together, present their research progress and address new challenges in the field. MED 2019 is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

Mediterranean Control Association

Jul 1 - 4, 2019 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

8th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences

The conference is organized by the EUCASS association, founded by a group of European scientists and engineers in order to provide, on the European continent, a high quality forum for the world aerospace scientific community. It is operated by the best specialists in EU, Russia and NIS. It attracts all players, research scientists, engineers, managers and decision makers, world over. It positions itself at the service of agencies and industry and strives to reduce the time to market of discoveries in academic laboratories. Its goal is to foster the competitiveness of its end users, industry and agencies alike.

Jul 8 - 18, 2019 Palais des Congrès, Montreal, Canada

27th IUGG General Assembly

The 27th IUGG General Assembly will be held July 8-18, 2019 at the Palais des Congrès in Montréal, Québec, Canada. This is a special opportunity for participants from Canada and from around the world to come together and share their science and culture. 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of IUGG; we will look back on the accomplishments of the previous century of Earth and space science research, and forward to the next century of scientific advancement. Join us for a host of scientific activities, including special public lectures, keynote Union lectures and a wide variety of themed sessions.

International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics

Sep 4 - 6, 2019 Zurich, Switzerland

7th Galileo Science Colloquium

This Galileo Science Colloquium brings together members of the European scientific community and their international partners involved in the use of Galileo and other GNSS in their research. The various possibilities to use Galileo and other GNSS satellites for scientific purposes shall be reviewed. The Colloquium contributes to GNSS development in general based on scientific approaches, in particular to raise awareness of those in charge of Galileo development and operations as well as in development of recent scientific achievements in the field.


Sep 16 - 20, 2019 Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, Florida, USA

ION GNSS+ 2019 - Other Sensors in Today's Marketplace

ION GNSS+ is the world's largest technical meeting and showcase of GNSS technology, products and services. This year's conference will bring together international leaders in GNSS and related positioning, navigation and timing fields to present new research, introduce new technologies, discuss current policy, demonstrate products and exchange ideas.
Short courses will be provided on Monday on a complimentary basis to all paid registrants at ION GNSS+ with the compliments of the Satellite Division and the ION Master Instructors. ION Master Instructors are internationally recognized GNSS experts and educators. All of the ION Masters have generously donated their time and talents to this effort, as a service to the GNSS community, with the ION's gratitude.


Sep 16 - 17, 2019 Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, Florida, USA

Cognizant Autonomous Systems for Safety Critical Applications Conference

The CASSCA 2019 Conference will explore the current state of the art in autonomous vehicles development, from the often disparate perspectives of government, industry and academic institutions. Plenary speakers, representing the wide variety of interests and perspectives on autonomous vehicles, will kick off the conference with insight into what these vehicles are capable of, and what interesting concepts are now within reach. Conference discussions will investigate the unique challenges and difficulties associated with addressing the needs of safety-critical applications in the deployment of autonomous vehicles. Crucial perspectives and important concerns from the trust, policy and ethics communities on the development and deployment of these vehicles will be heard. Technical success alone cannot secure widespread adoption and deployment of autonomous vehicles. Successful solutions will emerge from the combined efforts of scientists, engineers, and policy-makers.


Sep 25 - 27, 2019 The India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

International Shipmasters' Congress 2019 - Future Skills Requirements for a Digitized Maritime Industry

IFSMA, the International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations, and CMMI, the Company of Master Mariners of India, cordially invite all members of the maritime / marine scientific and professional community to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations at ISC '19, the International Shipmasters' Congress 2019, which is scheduled to be held from 25 to 27 September 2019 at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India addressing the theme Future Skills Requirements for a Digitized Maritime Industry.
ISC '19 is organized enjoys the kind support of the Indian Ministry of Shipping, the Indian Maritime University, the HSB / City University of Applied Sciences and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.
IFSMA is most grateful to HE Kitack Lim, the Secretary General of IMO, who kindly agreed to be the patron of the 2019 International Shipmasters' Congress.


Nov 18 - 21, 2019 EICC Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland - UK

International Navigation Conference 2019

RIN's annual International Navigation Conference.


May 11 - 14, 2020 International Congress Center, Dresden, Germany

European Navigation Conference

Dear friends from the worldwide satellite navigation family,
It is our great pleasure to welcome you again in Germany in the beautiful city of Dresden. On behalf of the Program Committee of the European Satellite Navigation Conference (ENC 2020) the German Institute of Navigation (DGON) is very pleased to welcome everybody cordially to the ENC 2020 in Dresden.


May 25 - 29, 2020 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2020 VTS ENAV Symposium - Enhanced Maritime Safety and Efficiency by Connectivity

The 2020 VTS-ENAV Symposium, themed Enhanced Maritime Safety and Efficiency by Connectivity, will be held 25 to 29 May 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Symposium Steering Committee invites interested parties to submit abstracts of proposed presentations for the VTS-ENAV Symposium, on any of the topics listed below, or on any other topic considered to be in alignment with the theme of the Symposium.


Nov 15 - 18, 2021 Edinburgh, Scotland

IAIN World Congress

The triennial IAIN World Congress.


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