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IAIN Awards

IAIN's John Harrison AwardIAIN Awards will normally be made during the Association's triennial Congress but may also be made at other appropriate times as authorised by the General Assembly. The awards are:

  1. The John Harrison Award to recognise an individual for an outstanding contribution to navigation.
  2. The Necho Award for navigation in general, over a number of years, or for a special achievement.
  3. The Sadek Award for the best paper presented at an IAIN Meeting.

Awards granted to date

In 2000 Mr. Jac. Spaans was awarded an honorary membership.

In 2003, the John Harrison Award was presented to Prof Dr.Ing. Günther Schanzer.
The Necho Award was presented to Mr. Michael William Richey.
Honorary memberships were awarded to M Olivier Carel, Captain Norman Cockcroft, Captain Kenneth C. Crompton and Mr. William A. O'Neil.

In 2006, the John Harrison Award was presented to Dr. Assad Kotaite.
The Necho Award was presented to Captain Norman Cockcroft.

IAIN's 2009 Award winnersIAIN's 2009 Stockholm dinner alongside Wasa
In 2009, the John Harrison Award was presented to Professor Hans-Jürgen Freiherr von Villiez .
The Necho Award was presented to Mr. Håkan Lans .
Honorary memberships were awarded to Mr. Bengt Stahl and Mr. John Francis White.

In 2012, the IAIN Congress opened with the presentation of the John Harrison Award to the recently-retired IMO Secretary-General, Admiral Efthimios Mitropoulos, and the Necho Award to Prof Bradford Parkinson as the 'Father of GPS'.

In 2015, Dr John Betz (ION) of The Mitre Corporation was awarded the John Harrison Award who suggested that we do not need more infrastructure, problems could be addressed by better user-equipment.
Prof David Last (RIN) was presented with the Necho Award and remarked that the Pharaoh, after whom it was named, deserved recognition for sending an expedition south from the Red Sea coast of Egypt. It appeared some years later on the Mediterranean coast, having circumnavigated Africa.
David Calero being presented with IAIN's Sadek Award for the best paper presentation at the IAIN World CongressDavid Calero was presented with the Sadek Award for the best paper presentation. He is a researcher at the Geomatics Division of the Centre for Telecommunications Technology of Catalonia (CTTC), Spain. His paper was titled The Characterization of a Chip-Scale Atomic Clock for GNSS Navigation Solutions.
IAIN Honorary Membership was conferred on Prof František Vejražka, Vice President, CZIN, and on David Broughton, IAIN Secretary-General, on their departure from the IAIN Officers' Committee.

IAIN Award nominations

Download your IAIN Awards nomination form.

Awards resolution

Constitution of the Awards Committee

The IAIN Awards Committee was constituted by a resolution of the 10th IAIN General Assembly to administer these awards and is accountable to the General Assembly.

Composition of the Awards Committee

The Chairman, Vice Chairman and five members of the Awards Committee will be elected by the General Assembly.


The Awards Committee shall seek nominations for the Harrison and Necho Awards and for Honorary Membership. The Committee will also administer the Sadek Award at the IAIN Congress.

Nominations for the Harrison and Necho Awards and for Honorary Membership may be made at any time and should be sent to the IAIN General Secretary who will advise the Chairman of the Awards Committee. It is expected that nominations will usually be made by the Member Institutes but the Awards Committee may also accept nominations by individuals and other organisations for consideration.

All nominations received more than 12 months before the date of the next General Assembly will be considered.

The Awards Committee shall conduct a final review six months before the General Assembly to finalise the nominations and submit them, out-of-committee, to the Member Institutes for endorsement. Member Institutes are to respond within one month.

The names of the recipients will be announced and the awards made during the Congress or General Assembly.

An award may be for a particular contribution or for a series of contributions made over a number of years.

If the work, for which a nomination has been made, has been described in a technical journal a copy of the paper should be enclosed with the nomination.

Any nomination that is not successful may be reconsidered in future years.

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